History spanning millennia. Fountainhead of civilization. Holy Land and seat of empires.

Tom Carroll knows the Middle East.

Tom looks at Islam from a Catholic Christian perspective. Accuracy, fairness, and objectivity are key.

  • Understanding Islam — This is Tom's core offering, tailored to the interests of your group. Topics Islamic history, theology, beliefs, philosophy, and worldview, with an emphasis on events and ideas relevant to Christians. What do Islam and Christianity have in common? How do they differ? What have Muslims borrowed from the Church? Who was Muhammad and how do the Muslims see him? What is the Qur’an and how does it relate to the Old and New Testaments? Why did Islam develop the way it did? What is jihad and what does it mean today? Tom includes a discussion of the Shari’a (Islamic law), the heart of traditional Islam, and explores its contemporary relevance.
  • The Shari’a Where does the Shari’a (Islamic law) come from and why is it important to Muslims? How does the view of morality among Muslims compare with the Christian perspective, especially the classic Natural Law approach of the Aristotle/Aquinas tradition? 
  • Traditional vs. Radical Islam, and Why the Difference Matters — For the past 100 years, Islam has been suffering through its own version of the ‘Protestant Reformation,’ and radical Islamism is the result. Take a fresh look at radicals through orthodox Christian eyes.
  • Christian and Islamic Worldviews Philosophically, Islam stands with orthodox Christianity as part of the great tradition of Classical Theism. Explore Islamic philosophy from an orthodox Christian (Aristotelian/Thomist) perspective. What are the commonalities? What are the differences? As we move into the 21st century, can Muslims and Christians make common cause against the materialism, secularism, and atheism we both confront?