What People Say

“Tom's credentials and communications skills make him one of the best resources on historical and current Islam that I know. The tensions  being created by the Islamist tectonic plate have few experts more knowledgeable. And he is able to translate his experience into clear and lively presentations.”
-- André Le Gallo, former senior CIA officer,
National Intelligence Officer for Counter Terrorism, and author of The Caliphate
"Tom's service in the Middle East allowed him an up-close and personal view of Islam, from its ancient foundations to its contemporary, radical branches.  His background in philosophy and conversion to Catholicism adds to his unique perspective on the history of this complex region and its religious foundations. An energetic program. Tom genuinely informs. Enthusiastically recommended!"
-- Denise Easter-Kramer
   Co-owner, Easter's Catholic

"Tom's thorough, first-hand knowledge of historical Middle East antiquity — both the foundations of Christianity and the juxtaposition of Islam, plus his ability to put all in context -- made for a fascinating listen. This combination, with sound philosophical underpinnings and an effective communication style, resulted in a thoroughly engaging, yet sobering, presentation."
-- Kathryn Rees, President
   Sacramento Catholic Forum
“Tom Carroll offers a thought-provoking account of Islam and the Middle East. His CIA background gives him a keen perspective in this field, but equally impressive is his breadth of knowledge in the fields of history and philosophy. This expertise, combined with a remarkably engaging speaking style, left our Catholic young adults group simply blown away. ”
-- John Johnson
   Veritas Catholic Young Adult Ministry
“Tom Carroll brings his distinctive background and considerable experience on the subject of Islam to his instruction.  His insights are valuable and his approach is engaging in helping students, particularly Christians, understand the historical, social, and political contexts for modern trends of Islam.”
-- Sosamma Samuel-Burnett, J.D.
   Chair, Public Policy Department
William Jessup University
Tom Carroll’s “presentation on Islam flew by, was extremely thorough and had our 160+ attendees wanting more. I would most definitely recommend him as a speaker...”
-- Tom Lang
   Speaker Chair
   Catholic Professional & Business   Club
   of  the Diocese of Fresno, California
“When training investigators and other professionals, accurate information is critical. Tom Carroll is my first choice to teach Islam to my demanding audiences. Tom is not only expert in the field, he’s an entertaining and enthusiastic communicator.”
-- Bruce Gadbois
   Anti-Terrorism Course Manager
   State of California
“Tom Carroll is a clear and eloquent communicator of Middle Eastern culture and history based on his intimate, first-hand experience in that region of the world. His passion is to inform and dispel misunderstandings held by many in North America.”
-- Lowell Goetze
   Former President of
Churches Alive